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About the Platform

Formed in May 2015 by seven of the world’s leading diamond companies, Natural diamond Council exists to maintain and enhance consumer demand for, and confidence in diamonds. By promoting the integrity and reputation of diamonds and the diamond industry, the Natural diamond council will play a central role in ensuring the long term sustainability of the sector.

Consumer demand. The Natural Diamond Council engages with current and future consumers to understand their needs and aspirations. Research-driven insights shape diamond category marketing programmes designed to forge deep and durable emotional connections with consumers. Funded by members and industry partners, these campaigns will have Millennial consumers as a core but non-exclusive audience.

Sector information. The Natural Diamond Council wishes to become a reliable, current and unbiased source of information on the diamond sector for all interested parties. These may include the media, consumers, governments, members of the civil society and of the financial community. The diamond sector is complex, touching the lives of millions of people in multiple jurisdictions on all continents. Information will span the whole journey from diamond exploration to diamond mining, cutting, polishing, jewellery manufacturing and retailing.

Best Practice. The Natural Diamond Council encourages sharing and implementation of best practice among members and other industry stakeholders to further improve overall standards in the diamond supply chain from mine to market. The focus is broad, from employee health and safety and working conditions to partnership with local communities, supply chain integrity, environmental management, financial transparency and product disclosure.