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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

I am unable to login, what should I do?

In order to login, please share your details at

How do I enter in to the program?

Your company manager will need to register you to be a part of the induction. After which you will be registered, a notification with a login URL will be sent to you via email/SMS. Click the URL and come on the site, where you can register your mobile number and receive and OTP to login.

I am not getting an OTP.

On entering your contact number, please click on the checkbox above the submit button. Once you have done that, click on submit and wait for the OTP. If you still do not receive the OTP, then please reach us at


What is a passing score for a quiz?

The passing score for a quiz is 75%.

Is there any time limit for the quiz?

No there isn’t a time limit to complete the quiz. But the faster you complete your quiz, the more brownie points you earn and you could become the NDC Academy Champion.

I have passed the quiz, however points are not yet credited?

Please reach us at and share with us the phone number with which you registered.


What do my points mean?

Points are scores to track your performance throughout the training program.

How are these points allocated?

You will receive points when you complete reading all chapters, attempt all questions of the module assessment and score at least 75% in the level assessments.

What should I do with these points?

These points will help you compete to become the NDC Academy Champion and win bumper prizes!

How the points will get redeemed?

Every month and quarter, if you have earned the highest amount of points, you will be named the NDC Academy Champion and you can win exciting prizes.

NDC Academy Certificates

When will I receive the Certificate?

At the end of each Level, there will be a quiz for you to take. You will receive the certificate once you complete the level assessment quiz.

What does a certificate mean?

A proof of your scores in each Level and a recognition from Natural Diamond Council which you can share with your managers and friends to celebrate your accomplishment.

How many points are required in order to receive a certificate?

You will receive a certificate only if you score 75% or more and pass the Level.

Tech Support

What support options do you have?

If you have any support queries, please do reach us at

My session got terminated what should I do?

We recommend you try to login in again. If the problem persists, do reach us at

How do I share a Feedback?

We are always eager to hear your opinions and feedback. Go to our Help and Support section and share your feedback.


What is NDC?

NDC stands for The Natural Diamond Council. NDC is an international alliance of the world's leading diamond mining companies, who together represent the majority of world's natural diamond production. Our mission is to protect and promote the integrity and reputation of diamonds - and to celebrate them - in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

What is NDC Academy?

The NDC Academy is a unique platform to understand the intricacies of diamonds and the multi-faceted diamond industry.